Meet the Herd




Donkey Heather


Donkeys came into my life in 2002 and now I can’t imagine life without these wise, thoughtful and intelligent equine. They continue to teach me so much about patience, companionship, being present and resilient. These qualities are just some of what I’d like to share with you in this work.

Our donkeys

At the top left is Rose, the sweetest animal you will ever meet! Born in 1997, Rose is wise and kind, loves people and attention. Rose was born in Saskatchewan and loves open spaces. She marched in parades, had tiny riders mounted and was trained to pull a cart. Here she enjoys roaming around with the others, clicker training, going for walks and is a fabulous participant in our work.

The top middle photo is Dorrie. Her “real” name is Dorcha, which means dark one in Gaelic but Dorrie is her preferred nickname. She has been with us for 17 years and is my soul sister. We have a powerful connection. I turn to Dorrie when I want a quiet walk in the woods; I tell her all my secrets. She and Rose are buddies, being just 11 months apart in age. Dorrie was born on the summer solstice in 1998.

In the top right corner is my funny, brilliant Siog. A half sister to Dorrie, her name, pronounced She-OH-g, means young fairy in Gaelic. Siog loves clicker training and has so much fun showing off her repertoire of learned behaviours! She’s an emotional, extroverted donkey who wears her heart on her sleeve. Siog was born in 2007 and she’ll always be my youngster and an important teacher.

The bottom photo is Heather. She’s the smallest of the herd but has the loudest voice! She adores Rose, having arrived here with her in 2012. Heather is stalwart and dependable, a good friend to everyone. A very friendly gal, Heather loves to be groomed and will talk to you about everything.

Rose and Heather grooming each other, donkeys mutual grooming on the farm at Cynthia Minden Arts and Equine

Cynthia Minden Arts and Equine