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Equine Facilitated Wellness encourages human wellness, healing and growth through working in partnership with horses, donkeys or mules. In my practice with donkeys, I appreciate their remarkable sensitivity, perceptiveness, and intuition. They are socially intelligent beings, fully engaged with their senses, living in the present without ruminating about the past or worrying about the future. Since they don’t experience the world from a solely cognitive place, equine have the gift of being able to relate to us on an emotional and somatic (body) level. We can learn so much from them!

In my sessions, I blend deep appreciation for the surrounding forest, wetlands and wildlife, special connections with the donkeys through safe interaction and creative explorations through art-making. What do nature, donkeys and creative exploration have in common? All three can guide us towards physical and emotional health and well-being as well as help us to generate compassion, empathy and curiosity. All three can help us to deepen our understanding of body language and non-verbal communication, engage with our senses and become more fully attuned.

Spend some time at my cozy art studio to learn something new … perhaps we’ll use paint, or daffodil leaves or ink or twigs. Discover and collect a few small treasures to insert into a booklet you’ve made or fill a jar with your hopes and dreams. Your creative self will start to bloom.

Imagine taking the time to be in the forest surrounded by an abundance of sounds, textures and sensory experiences, imagine engaging with one or more gentle and trusting donkeys who welcome us into their world. Walk with me along a trail where you’ll discover places to sit and an invitation to create something from your imagination … a quick sketch, a poem, perhaps some music.

With guidance from a facilitator and a donkey and nourished by the living world, you can expand your sensory capacity, learn some new skills and explore the world around you in new ways.

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Cynthia Minden Arts and Equine