About Me

Cynthia Minden and donkey Rose, donkey and human connection

briefly …

Professional visual artist

Arts Educator

Certified Learning Professional in Equine Facilitated Wellness

Passionate advocate for donkeys

Positive Reinforcement
animal trainer

Classical Musician

Arts administrator


I am a visual artist and educator with a background in Classical music and arts administration. We live on a gorgeous small farm on Denman Island with 4 miniature donkeys, 2 young cats, a flock of hens and a colourful Bantam rooster.

Surrounded by trees and bordering an extensive wetland, we are visited by deer, raccoon, ground squirrels, frogs, Bald eagles, owls and numerous species of small birds … all of the rich diversity of flora and fauna that come and go with the seasons in the Pacific Northwest.

Donkeys have been a huge part of my life since 2002.
I have studied positive reinforcement training (aka clicker training) attending clinics and conferences, training with some amazing teachers. My donkeys have been teachers too, teaching me to dig deep, to focus, teaching me more about patience and commitment.

I have profound, meaningful relationships with these sentient beings. Caring for them has me outdoors in all weather and at all hours – noticing the dawn and the night sky, tramping through trails and breathing in the sights and sounds of nature.

In 2018 I embarked on a wonderful four year journey to study equine facilitated wellness at Generations Farms on Vancouver Island, BC.

I blend my work as a visual artist and educator, my passion for donkeys and my joy of living in a diverse ecosystem to offer a rich and engaging program.

I am certified through The Professional Association for Equine Facilitated Wellness Canada.

donkey crossing sign at Cynthia Minden Arts and Equine Denman Island BC
Cynthia Minden Arts and Equine