Creative Exploration

make something with your hands and heart

making art, art studio, Denman Island BC, with Karen Wallace, expressive arts, art therapy

Playful and accessible creative projects are part of every session, including nature-based weaving, printmaking, simple book-making, cordage (making rope from plants,) felting, doodling/drawing and much more. We will explore new ways to become our best creative selves. The act of making is engaging, absorbing and has relevance in everything we do. It can take us out of our heads and into our hearts and imagination.

How does creative exploration relate to working with donkeys, you ask? Good question. Equine are very much rooted in the present and engage their senses fully. We humans share those same senses but sometimes they languish in the background when we live our lives routinely and automatically. When we are making something, we become engaged differently. Creative, focused and intentional – the results can be surprising, delightful, self-affirming.

printmaking, mixed media collaboration, Cat Forsythe, Shirley Phillips, expressive arts, art therapy
printmaking done in our session by Shirley Phillips/
Cat deLaMare Forsythe mixed media

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