Come To Your Senses!

donkey walking, donkey outings, miniature donkeys, Cynthia Minden

a 2- day workshop in equine facilitated wellness and expressive arts
Date TBA
10:30 AM until 5 PM each day

on Denman Island BC

(15 minute car ferry from Buckley Bay, approx. 20 kms south of Courtenay BC)

Cynthia Minden, Alison Fox, Be Balm and Allisyn Wodham with Rose the donkey, expressive arts, donkey therapy

A group of four professionals have come together in collaboration to offer an immersive weekend workshop. Called Come To Your Senses, we know that all of us can expand the capacity of our senses! We offer an abundance of playful sensory experiences, from visual art exploration, sound, movement, free writing, awareness, peaceful guided sit-spots, sharing space with donkeys while working with the core concepts of equine facilitated wellness.

Who is this for: This gathering is for seekers, explorers and creative adults who are on a journey of self discovery through imagination, nature and awareness in relationship to place and other beings. Eight spots are available. Join us!

Who are we: four passionate women educators, each with training and expertise in areas of expressive arts and each with an intense of love the natural world. We recognize and honour all sentient beings, knowing that they can teach us and we strive to work with others to cultivate creativity and health. We met by chance and recognized each other immediately!

Cynthia Minden Bee Balm Alison Fox Allisyn Wodham

Cynthia Minden, is a certified practitioner in equine facilitated wellness, friend of and advocate for donkeys, positive reinforcement trainer, basketry artist, musician, and explorer in mixed media and three dimensional form. She is passionate about living close to the land, growing food and introducing others to the wisdom of donkeys. She offers sessions for adult individuals and groups, blending contemplative time in nature, experiential time with donkeys and a rich offering of art-making skills and projects accessible to everyone.

Be Balm is an earth loving musician.  She loves to sing with people, and facilitate mindfulness workshops, singing circles, ritual, and heart based collaboration of all kinds.  She is always on the look out for inspiration, often finding it in the quiet moments with the forest where she is blessed to live, or in nerding out about nervous systems, human consciousness, and love.  She has a long history of animal and earth activism, a Fine Arts degree, and is currently studying with a Somatic program focused around healing from sexual trauma.  

Alison Fox has a BSc in Nursing, MA in Creative Arts Therapies, and is a Soul Motion conscious dance teacher. Response-Ability embodied movement practice cultivates a sense of freedom, curiosity and re-sourcing ourselves through connecting with what is. Alison’s influences include Authentic Movement, Body-Mind Centering, 5 Rhythms, Joanna Macy’s Work That Reconnects, Process Work and living in the Arctic among Inuit. With playful movement, stillness and the spirit of curiosity, we give our attention to what moves within and around us as we share space and breath with the land and our fellow creatures.

Allisyn Wodham is a yoga teacher who approaches yoga with compassion and patience. Her classes are accessible, grounding and supportive. She believes in creating a space for people to feel empowered to listen to their body and always move in a way that nourishes their unique experience. She has a deep reverence for the wisdom of the body and teaches with an emphasis on breath, alignment and mindfulness. Allisyn welcomes all bodies, ages and abilities and believes in everyone’s unique expression of yoga, always encouraging students to move with curiosity and kindness. She draws from many different traditions, specializing in trauma-Informed, Yin and Restorative yoga. She is also the program co-ordinator for the Comox Valley Head Injury Society. Allisyn is forever grateful to the unfolding myth, mystery, and wisdom. She bows to her ancestors, teachers, and the land as they guide her on this path.

Cost: a first time (ad)venture for $350 coming Fall 2023

Where: On a 16 acre property on Denman Island, BC, home since 1990 to Cynthia, her partner Graham, 4 donkeys, 2 cats and a flock of chickens. The property offers open spaces and deep forest verging on a wetland, with a lovely barn and art studio.

What’s included: hands-on ground work in equine facilitated wellness with 4 fabulous miniature donkeys, gently guided sessions in nature-based mindfulness, playful creative movement/ body awareness, inspiring explorations in sound/ voice/ music, group and one-on-one restorative yoga, creative art-making projects, time to wander and ponder and all interspersed with laughter, camaraderie, breaks, tea and snacks!

Amenities: an outhouse near the art studio, hand wash station, hot and cold water in the studio kitchen sink, filtered drinking water, chairs, tables, dishes, small fridge

What’s not included: lunch (please bring yours) and overnight accommodation. Book an overnight stay at one of Denman Island’s B & B’s or book a camping spot at Fillongley Provincial Park. Accommodation books up very quickly so don’t delay! Note: If you have a self-contained van or travel trailer, considerations can be made for an overnight on our farm.

To Register and for more information: use the button below to send Cynthia an email expressing your interest in registering for the Come To Your Senses weekend or go to the Contact page using the Menu below.